Atech Designs Inc

Atech Designs Inc

Karl R. Leinsing, MSME, PE

77 Spur Rd. Dover, NH 03820

About the Expert

Karl R. Leinsing, MSME, PE, is the President of ATech Designs, Inc. His medical experience includes intravenous (IV) systems & disposables, hernia repair, endometrial ablation, cardiovascular systems, injection ports, catheters, mitral valve repair, bed rails, cervical screws, syringes, IV/insulin pumps, glucose monitors, peritoneal dialysis pumps, and abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) repair. Mr. Leinsing holds many patents in needle free IV valves, laparoscopic devices, needlescopic devices, suture lockers, catheters, mitral valve repair devices, sleep apnea (CPAP) devices,and knitting machines. He has been granted over 34 patents and received five design awards, has design on cover of life magazine, and is recognized as one of the top 100 medical device professionals in the nation by MD&DI.

Areas of Expertise

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Medical Devices

Expert's Profile

Areas of expertise: Medical Disposables, Needlefree IV Valves, Mitral Valve Repair, AAA Stents / Repair, Hernia Repair, Suture Lockers, Tissue Fasteners, Infusion Pumps, Nitinol Devices, Ports, Percutaneous / Endoluminal Devices, Laparoscopic / Minimally Invasive Instruments, Syringes, Catheters, Vascular Assist Devices, Staplers, Urinary Collection, Textiles, Automation, Packaging, Cardiovascular Devices, RF Ablation, Cervical Screws/Plates, Implants, Bed Rails, Contrast Injectors, Tissue Anchors, Hernia Repair Mesh & Staplers, Sleep Apnea or CPAP Devices, Auto-injectors, Pen injectors, Insulin Injectors, Peritoneal Dialysis, Bone Anchors, Inhalers (e-cigarettes)

Personal Achievements


  • 1988: BSME - Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Eng. (UNH)
  • 1995: MSME - Masters in Mechanical Eng. (NC A&T SU)


  • Professional Engineering License (NH): 11437


  • ASME - American Society of Mechanical Engineers since 1988
  • BMWCCA - BMW Car Club since 1998 (Member #: 168188)
  • AOPA - Aircraft Owners and Pilot Association since 1999
  • MDG - Medical Development Group since 2006
  • Eureka Medical - Medical Device Advisory Board since 2006
  • PCA - Porsche Club since 2006 (Member #: 2006070001)
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters - Big Volunteer & Contributor Since 2008
  • BBB - Better Business Bureau of New Hampshire since 2010
  • MassMedic - Massachusetts Medical Device Industry Council since 2011
  • BRP - Bombardier Rec. Products - Platinum Club since 2011
  • NEHC - New England Helicopter Council since 2014
  • Medical Device & Manufacturing (MD&M) Conferences Chairman 2014
  • HAI - Helicopter Association International since 2015
  • PD Aviation, LLC - Helicopter Company - since 2015
  • H2L Medical Tech., LLC - Catheter Sys. Co-Founder since 2015
  • Community Garbage Cleanup Committee Chairman - Since 2015
  • Seacoast Education Endowment Dover (SEED) - Contributor / Fund Raiser - Since 2017
  • UNH STEM (Tech Camp) - Mentor and Contributor - Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics - Since 2016
  • All Electronic Toll (AET) NH State Chairman - 2017
  • NH Bio-Made Industry and State Partnerships Board (ISPB) - Board of Directors - 2018
  • Executive Board Member - Kyle Van Noy Valor Foundation - 2019
  • SCCA - Member with racing license since 2019 (Member #: 624755)
  • SRO - Member with racing license since 2020 (Member #: D3G54)
  • PCA NCR - VP of Regional Porsche Club since 2020


  • Received 7 awards, designs published on cover of Life Magazine, was recognized as one of 100 notable people in the medical device industry by the Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry (MD&DI) publication in June 2008, my company has been recognized by the Better Business Bureau and Business NH Magazine in 2013, and was chairman for MD&M Conference.


  • Plastics Compatibility w/Drug Constituents

Prior assignments

  • Extensive experience with patent litigation, contract dispute, trade secret, and liability cases: Number Depositions: 37 Jury Trials: 6 Bench Trials/Hearings: 11 IPR's: 15 Patent Cases: 29 Liability Cases: 16 Trade Secret/Contract Dispute Cases: 5

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