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Lee Neubecker

53 W. Jackson Blvd. STE 304 Chicago, IL 60604

About the Expert

Lee Neubecker is a globally top ranked Computer Forensics Cyber Security Expert Witness with a proven record of court room testimony. He has experience with Patient Electronic Medical records and has assisted with compelling discovery of electronic data ESI. He has experience reviewing patient medical record audit trails and is knowledgable regarding Fuji Synapse PACS radiology records. He has testified regarding fabrication of DICOM files relating to recordings of heart catheterization operations. He has assisted plaintiff's and defendants with locating proof of access/alteration of patient electronic medical records. (EMR)

Areas of Expertise

  • Computer Evidence Discovery
  • Medical Malpractice

Expert's Videos

Lee Neubecker discusses Patient Electronic Medical Record discovery with Bill McVisk.
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Trade Secret Theft Litigation

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Please view Lee Neubecker's Curriculum Vitae at https://leeneubecker.com/curriculum-vitae/

Lee Neubecker, CISSP
President & CEO
53 W. Jackson Blvd., Suite 304
Chicago, IL 60604
Main: 312-668-0333
Direct: 312-668-0331
Mobile: 773-209-4700
Computer Forensics - Cyber Security Readiness & Response - Online Identity Investigations
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Personal Achievements

Special Training

  • DBA Programming Computer Forensics Cyber Security


  • https://leeneubecker.com/emr-metadata-medical-malpractice/
  • Who's Who Legal 2019 Top Global Computer Forensics & Cyber Security Expert

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