Growth Process Group

Growth Process Group

Chuck DeVita

Silicon Valley, CA

About the Expert

Chuck DeVita founded and leads Growth Process Group. He has over thirty years of experience in Sales and Marketing management of enterprise technology solution companies. His experience spans a range of business solutions and extensive international sales leadership. He is an expert on the topics of Sales & Marketing for Enterprise Cloud Computing and Software as a Service (SaaS). He has developed regional and worldwide sales forces and has extensive international background. He led the growth of two startups and the turnaround of a public company. As a consultant, he has helped numerous Enterprise Software and SaaS solution companies in the U.S. and Europe including serving as interim VP Sales & Marketing for several companies. Chuck is a recognized speaker and visionary on sales and marketing management for technology companies. He teaches several courses to executives and professionals at Stanford including “Cloud Computing & Subscription Models-Selling & Marketing SaaS to the Enterprise”, “Developing Clear Value Propositions & Pricing Models” and “Sales Management Excellence”. For more info, go to and

Areas of Expertise

Best Practices for Enterprise SaaS
Cloud Computing Expert Witness
Cloud Computing Sales & Marketing
Cloud Computing Thought Leader
Enterprise SaaS Marketing
Enterprise SaaS Sales
Enterprise Subscription Model Expert
Market Entry Strategy Expert
SaaS Sales & Marketing Practices

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