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McMahon & Associates

James (Jim) McMahon

141 N Palmetto Suite 1059 Eagle, ID 83616

About the Expert

Juries like our explanations of concepts and activities. Qualified expertise in multiple fields of endeavor. Prior law enforcement, US intelligence collection, security (people, Information, data systems, asset protection). Twenty five years full time experience from Officer to Assistant Chief of Police. Jim has testified in security risk cases of identity disclosure, serial homicides, assaults, bar fights and thefts of intellectual property. twenty years as a reserve officer / sergeant / lieutenant responsible for managing investigations of sexual assault, child sexual exploitation, computer crimes and pre-employment background investigations. Work with US Customs, FBI, Department of Justice and sworn as a special deputy US Marshal. Extensive work in the Silicon Valley.

Areas of Expertise

  • Police Practices and Activities
  • Security

Expert's Profile

im McMahon is an honorably retired police supervisor from a major metropolitan law enforcement agency and served for twenty years in military intelligence work including assignments as the XO and CO of an NCIS reserve unit. He has been called on since retiring to conduct pre-employment backgrounds, Internal Affairs investigations, and devise community policing projects in his role as a reserve police officer. His experience includes work as a supervisor for undercover and “sting” operations as well as supervising for periods of time the Fraud Unit, Domestic Violence Team, Child Exploitation, Computer Crimes and Assaults Units. He also ran the pre-employment background unit for the department and supervised or conducted over 400 such investigations for sworn and non-sworn including ones for police chief. Equally adept in commercial applications he served as the "responsible in charge" of corporate security for two multinational companies over twenty years leading organizations of 1,000 workers across 18 nations.

Since 1992, Jim has provided litigation consulting services to plaintiff and defense law firms in litigation cases where security officers have been injured, shot or have used necessary force to overcome an attack. He has experience in international law enforcement and security operations as well as foreign counter intelligence. Jim’s prior employment includes over fifteen years in Corporate Security for a multi-national Fortune 500 manufacturing company and medical device company coupled with a decade of independent security consulting and litigation work.

He regularly consults to companies in the Silicon Valley on topics of intellectual property protection, education and awareness programs, defensive security, CCTV, investigations and managing security work forces. He has been qualified to testify as an expert on computer communications in the trial courts of a number of states and United States District Courts in Tennessee. He is expert at Forensic data recovery from computers and mobile phones. He is frequently called on to explain Information Security and Intellectual Property Protection concepts, methods, and risks.

Jim consults on issues of crime foreseeability, industry standards of care, specific security adequacy and/or negligence, Information Security, Data recovery and security officer training and conduct. He has conducted safety and security audits for very large computer manufacturing companies as well as consumer goods, health foods, agriculture and intellectual property protection requirements.

Jim holds the CPP (Certified Protection Professional) and CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) designations. He also is a Leadership Fellow in the National Association of Corporate Directors.

Personal Achievements


  • Juris Doctor


  • CSO Roundtable
  • ASIS
  • Society of Police Futurists
  • American Society of Industrial Security
  • International Association of Chiefs of Police
  • Governor's High Technology Crime Advisory Committee
  • ISC2
  • High Technology Crime Investigation Association
  • City of Morgan Hill Personnel Board (Civil Service Commission)
  • San Jose Police Reserve
  • Association of Threat Assessment Professionals
  • International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists
  • Junior Chamber International Past Executive

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