Investigative Criminology Security (ICS) Consulting, LLC

Investigative Criminology Security (ICS) Consulting, LLC

Kevin Gotham

3418 Octavia Street New Orleans, LA 70125

About the Expert

Ph.D. in Sociology with over 20 years of university teaching experience; author of 5 books and over 100 publications. Expertise in Crime Foreseeability Analysis; Proximate Causation Analysis, CPTED, Situational Crime Prevention; Environmental Criminology.

Areas of Expertise

  • Criminology
  • Security

Expert's Profile

Kevin Fox Gotham, Ph.D., CPP, is a premises liability and security consultant and testifying expert for Investigative Criminology Security (ICS) Consulting. His specialty focus areas include apartment security; parking lots/garages; bars/taverns/nightclubs; hotels and motels, shopping malls, and oher venues. His investigative work also focuses on negligent hiring, retention, supervision, and training; workplace violence, and police and corrections practices. University professor since 1997, Dr. Gotham has taught courses on forensic sociology/criminology, tourism, urban policy and planing, housing policy, real estate development and security for undergraduates and graduate students. He specializes in crime foreseeability analysis, appropriate standards of care in the security industry, and analyses of the behavioral aspects of proximate causation.

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