Caren Goldberg Ph.d., LLC

Caren Goldberg Ph.d., LLC

Caren Goldberg, Ph.d

9949 Corsica St Vienna, VA 22181

About the Expert

Dr. Goldberg has written over 50 papers on discrimination and harassment. She has been quoted dozens of times in print radio and TV interviews. Plaintiff and defense attorneys have retained her to to testify on the extent to which HR practices are consistent with HR standards and on harassment discrimination climates.

Areas of Expertise

  • ADA - Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Employment and Human Resources
  • Sexual Harassment / Discrimination

Expert's Profile

Professor Goldberg has taken on a number of leadership roles within her profession. She is currently finishing up a three-year term on the Executive Committee of the Academy of Management's Gender and Diversity in Organizations Division. She also served a three-year term as Associate Editor of Group and Organization Management, a leading peer-reviewed journal, and is currently on the editorial boards of two other top refereed journals. As such, she is abreast of very current developments in all areas of Human Resource Management and has a wealth of experience evaluating and critiquing research, an important skill in discrediting other witnesses. Caren was recognized by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), as one of the 100 thought leaders (from business, consulting, government, and academia) in the area of Diversity and Inclusion and served on a taskforce led by SHRM and the American National Standards Institute, charged with creating organizational standards for diversity and inclusion.

Dr. Goldberg is available for expert testimony and/or consulting regarding harassment, workplace diversity, discrimination, negligence, and related cases.

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