A K Actuarial And Pension Services

A K Actuarial And Pension Services

Arthur B. Kagan

20058 Ventura Blvd. # 213 Woodland Hills, CA 91364

About the Expert

I provide consulting and expert witness services to attorneys in the follow areas: All pension, profit sharing and 401k plan issues, including ERISA and government compliance Marital dissolution and QDROs, Personal Injury and wrongful death; life expectancy calculations from actuarial tables, Estate and trust life estate and remainder trust valuations using actuarial tables, Mediation and arbitration on retirement plan issues, Investment and annuity contracts and fees on retirement plans.

Areas of Expertise

Actuary - Actuarial
Divorce Pension Calculations
ERISA Compliance
Estate Planning Life Estate Calculations
Insurance - Life & Annuities
Life Expectancy
Pension Benefits Compensation
Personal Injury Consultants

Expert's Profile

Professional affiliations include F.S.A, Fellow Society of Actuaries (highest education for an actuary), E. A. Enrolled Actuary, M. A. A. A Member American Academy of Actuaries, ASPPA American Society of Pension Professionals and Actuaries, NIPA National Institute of Pension Administrators, and past affiliation as F. C. A. Fellow of Conference of Consulting Actuaries.

Prior Board Member for Conference of Consulting Actuaries and NIPA.

Authored several articles early in career on the growing trend of 401k Plans to replace traditional Pension Plans.

Implemented one of the early Cash Balance Pension Plans for large law firm; expanded to over 100 Cash Balance Pension Plans.

Worked closely with ERISA and client attorneys on client issues; frequently utilized research service of ERISA attorney firm.

Presented many seminars on recent developments in pension plan industry and creative plan design to Desert Estate Planning Council, California CPA Society, AXA Advisors and various financial advisory and CPA firms. Presented seminar on Life Insurance in Qualified Retirement Plans to Financial Planning Association of Los Angeles.

President and sole owner of third party administration (TPA) and actuarial consulting firm for 26 years serving 650 plans; President and partner of prior TPA and actuarial firm serving 1400 plans.

Fully credentialed in actuarial valuations, plan funding, and present value calculations: experience in creative plan design, plan compliance issues, implementing new plans, amending existing plans, terminating plans, annual plan administration and tax filing, employee communication requirements, IRS/DOL/PBGC government reporting and audits, plan investment and life insurance rules, marital dissolution calculations and QDRO review, non-qualified executive deferred compensation plans, 403(b) plans, and union plans.

Has served large, mid size, and small plans covering all industries and all employer types.

Personal Achievements


  • Rutgers Ulniversity: BA degree in Mathematics


  • In addition to my actuarial designations, I am licensed in California as an agent for life, annuity and health insurance . In the past I have been licensed in securities by FINRA in Sections 7 and 63, and as a Certified Financial Planner (CFP).

Special Training

  • SEAK Training: How to be an Effective Expert Witness


  • Pension Plans in Trouble; Attorneys will be needed

Prior assignments

  • I have had expert witness experience in all the areas shown above

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