Strom And Associates, LLC

Strom And Associates, LLC

Holly Strom

10539 Bradbury Rd. Los Angeles, CA 90064

About the Expert

Strom and Associates services include expert witness services, pharmacy regulatory compliance assessments, pharmacy operations reviews, pharmacy probation monitoring, and new and remodel pharmacy construction consulting. Holly Strom RPh, Strom and Associates co-founder, found that she had a skill for identifying talent in the pharmacy industry. Early on, she realized that to create a truly comprehensive practice, the team would have to consist of the most experienced and ethical pharmacists and attorneys in the field. Holly has decades of experience, in a wide variety of pharmacy practice settings. In addition, she has served as a member and President of the California State Board of Pharmacy. Given her experience and knowledge, she has enlisted colleagues and mentors who share her vision for a unique and all-encompassing pharmacy practice.

Areas of Expertise

  • Drug Abuse
  • Pharmacies

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