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8901 Grumnore Circle Pikesville, MD 21208

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Expert in application and compliance of railroad safety and operating rules including NORAC, GCOR, MetroNorth, Amtrak, Long Island RR and Class 1 freight railroads. Expert analyst of human performance anomalies (NASA analyst) in railroad operations . Expert analyst of injury and accident causes.

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  • Railroads

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Identified railroad safety risks in railroad operations through the Confidential Close Call Reporting System (C3RS) modeled after the Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS), under development at NASA through collaboration with the Federal Railroad Administration and the USDOT Volpe National Transportation System Center. Participating railroads were largely eastern passenger commuter lines and Amtrak. Received and analyzed voluntary reports of unsafe conditions and rule violations from reporters in operating, mechanical, and track engineering crafts including train dispatchers and train controllers. Forwarded completed assessments of unsafe events or conditions to Peer Review Teams for collective evaluation, mitigation, and ultimate carrier resolution.

10 years experience in railroad freight operations yard and road, Yardmaster, Wreck Train Conductor, Conductor Flag outside contractors.

30 years experience in passenger and commuter operations.

30 years as a union leader handling grievances, discipline, appeals, negotiation, and contract development.

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  • Mt Hermon School Southern Connecticut State University Yale University

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