Mortuary Consulting Service

Mortuary Consulting Service

Roger H. Lori, Sr.

P.O. Box 81531 Bakersfield, CA 93380

About the Expert

I have been in funeral service since 1970. I have owned and operated eighteen mortuaries, crematorium and related businesses. I have been a hands-on operator, performing all duties to operate a successful mortuary and crematory business. I have personally embalmed over 17,000 remains and have conducted thousands of funeral arrangements and services. I am a licensed embalmer, licensed funeral director, licensed cemetery salesman and licensed crematory manager. All of my licenses are current and in good standing.I do consulting and expert witness work full time.

Areas of Expertise

Dispute Resolution
Funerals and Funeral Homes

Expert's Profile

I have owned my consulting business since 1987 and have worked with many lawyers providing expert witness services as well as consulting with them and funeral directors. I have extensive experience in reviewing documents such as depositions, complaints, court testimony, investigations and reviewing material and offering my opinions and standards of care pertaining to cases and industry. I am willing to travel anywhere in the United States.

My additional areas of expertise are: Screen and investigate cases for merit* Determine liabilities of staff and management* Gather and review records* Review policies for consistency* Evaluate cases for deviations of care* Background checks of embalmer, funeral director and staff* Embalming analysis* Verify procedures used* Autopsy/coroner information* My experience as a crematory manager/operator, performing thousands of cremations, allows me to inspect remains for texture, color, weight and appearance to achieve information.

Personal Achievements


  • Graduated Cypress Mortuary College

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