Rich Arlington & Associates

Rich Arlington & Associates

Richard Arlington, III, CSP, CLP

11600 Maple Ave. Lake City, PA 16423

About the Expert

Trail and Deposition tested snow and ice expert, works for both defense and plaintiff. 30 + years in the snow and ice industry with an ongoing multi state snow operation still in existence. Has won the best of the best in safety awards for multiple years and teaches snow and ice standards and operational training to contractors, municipalities, and major facilities across the US.

Areas of Expertise

Certified Snow Professional Snow Risk And Liability
Ice Control
Ice Related Slip And Fall
Premises Liability
Slips and Falls
Snow And Ice Management
Snow And Ice Operations
Snow Clearing For Parking Garages
Snow Plow Safety
Snow Related Slip And Fall
Snow Response Plan
Snow Science
Snow Storage

Expert's Profile

Examples of snow & ice management cases:
Salt usage for ice control
Site plan to establish best snow storage areas
Data provided to establish possible liability for accidents
Contractor safety and training procedures as compared to industry standards
Contractor practices and methods as compared to industry standards
Was the contract proper for the snow and ice industry
Weather patterns to establish correct ice control methods
The site snow response plan to establish procedures requested were followed
If a scope of work is written for this case, does it give proper directions to the contractor
Were financial constraints established that limited the proper procedures for snow and ice management

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