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2017 onward saw many people try to hop on the ICO bandwagon - with devastating results to investors. Many of these projects were outright scams, yet even more were grossly mismanaged by people that simply got in over their heads. Rich and CipherBlade have already performed reports on numerous blockchain projects, with deep analysis in topics that would be of legal interest: adherence to promised tokenomics, use of funds, team background, and other aspects that would serve as legal basis for refunds. Rich is experience in guiding legal professionals and regulators in "where to find the truth," and when the subpoenas begin rolling in, the realities behind these projects are often mismanagement, misuse of investor funds, or even embezzlement. The reality is that many ICOs that are failing to deliver upon their roadmaps have numerous other violations of regulatory law that can serve as leverage to have right done by affected parties. Upon NDA, a sample of one of these reports can be shared, and the report will simply speak for itself.

Areas of Expertise

  • Blockchain
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Cryptocurrency Cybercrime Investigation
  • ICO Refunds

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CipherBlade Co-Founder and CSO Richard ‘Rich’ Sanders began his career with enlisting in the US Army at 17 years of age. Rich has now served for over 11 years with experience in a special operations career field, which paved the way for a passion in continued service “doing bad things to bad people” while protecting others. Rich holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Homeland Security and a CORe certificate from Harvard Business School Extension.

Rich firmly believes in blockchain technology, and has been working in this industry since 2014.

“The parallels between mass adoption of blockchain technology and mass adoption of the internet can’t be ignored. Before the internet saw mass adoption, the industry had to solve two problems: ease of use and security. Blockchain companies are working on getting blockchain technology simple enough that people won’t realize they’re using it, but that’s merely 50% of the equation. The other 50% was solved in the past by the eBays, Amazons, and PayPals taking steps above and beyond what regulators required of them: hiring CCOs, CSOs, CISOs, and other staff to take measures in proactive countering of fraud. 10% of all ICO funds are stolen; imagine if this was any other industry, you’d see market capitulation. We need to disrupt expectations within our own industry in order to foster mass adoption of blockchain technology. This disruption starts with you.” - Richard Sanders

Rich leverages his strong working relationship with law enforcement, particularly the FBI, to accelerate and increase effectiveness in investigations. Seen as a subject matter expert by law enforcement and regulators alike, Rich regularly consults with high level officials for insight on an array of topics, whether specific investigations, opinion, or general best-practice.

Personal Achievements


  • Harvard Business School Extension CORe
  • Chainalysis Reactor Certified

Military service

  • Over 11 years of service in the US Army

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