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Chantal M. Roberts, CPCU, AIC, RPA

P.O. Box 4676 Olathe, KS 66063

About the Expert

I am an expert witness for CMR Consulting and am passionate about advancing good faith claims handling and best practices for adjusters. I am experienced and accomplished in insurance claims management bad faith claims management insurance adjustment strategies collaboration with trial and defense attorneys and public speaking. I began handling commercial auto liability claims at Liberty Mutual Insurance Company and personal auto low-impact claims at MetLife. I worked in a third-party administrator for certain syndicates of Lloyd's of London, where I continued handling a wide variety of claims such as general liability, special investigations/fraud investigation, homeowner, cargo, and property insurance. I ultimately became the Director of Claims overseeing approximately 35 adjusters. I am a published author. In Insights, a professional magazine from The Institutes, I published 'Cannabis: How Can It Be Covered and Adjusted?' (Summer 2018) and 'Pet Shop Boys (Vet Liability)' (Winter 2019). My article 'What Do Power Outages, Wildfires, and Vaping Bans Have in Common?' appeared in Claims Journal (October 2019) and Carrier Management (October 2019). I also published an article on marijuana product liability claims, 'The Stuff of Dreams—or Nightmares? The Product Liability Claims Menace Lurking in the Marijuana Marketplace,' in the CLM publication in November 2019. I co-hosted a webinar through The Institutes on the topic of Self-Insured Retentions.

Areas of Expertise

Bad Faith
Cannabis Claims
Cannabis Insurance Claims Handling
Insurance - Bad Faith
Insurance - Claims Handling
Insurance - Customs and Practices
Insurance - Property Casualty
Marijuana Claims

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Ms. Roberts is recognized by colleagues as a subject matter expert in claims management best practices. She is a highly experienced executive and provides a record of expertise and accomplishments in insurance claims management, bad faith claims management, insurance adjustment strategies, third party management and collaboration, attorney collaboration, and public speaking.

She has served as the primary adjuster for client with a self-insured retention for professional liability. Ms. Roberts collaborated with attorneys regarding clients' lawsuits. She also adjusted liability claims for domestic market for restaurants with amusement areas, fun parks, gyms. Ms. Roberts, while acting as an adjuster, managed as many as 100 claims.

Ms. Roberts was a member of the senior executive team in charge of 6,000 claims per year involving commercial property and liability, commercial and personal auto liability, inland marine, motor truck cargo, heavy equipment, homeowner property, and dealer open lot losses while at Affirmative Risk Management. She interfaced with policyholders residing in every state except Alaska. This demanding role concentrated on claim management strategies, claims data evaluations, complex claims management, litigation participation, disputed claim resolution, internal reporting, quality assurance strategies, and staff hiring, training, and coaching.

Personal Achievements


  • Bachelor of Arts, Baylor University


  • Alabama (#456302); Arizona (#1326869); Arkansas (#1326869); California (#2I43853); Florida (#E094477); Georgia (#2728538); Hawaii (#385782); Idaho (#IA118455); Indiana (#767194); Kentucky (#599977); Louisiana (#434176); Maine (#ADN231887); Michigan (#11326869); Mississippi (#10125814); Nevada (#739827); New Hampshire (#2392663); New York (#IA-1182315); North Carolina (#1326869); Oklahoma (#72952); Oregon (#1326869); Pennsylvania (#421625); Puerto Rico (#100107062); Rhode Island (2257037); South Carolina (#1326869); Texas (#442405); Utah (#221559); Washington (#731131); West Virginia (#1326869) New Brunswick (#180002321); Prince Edward Island (#36782)

Special Training



  • CPCU Society, American Association of Insurance Management Consultants, and Litigation Alliance (Fellow), Defense Research Institute, National Cannabis Industry Association, Greater Kansas City Claims Association


  • How Can Cannabis Claims Be Covered and Adjusted? Insights, a professional publication from CPCU
  • How Active Assailant Insurance Can Help Your Business Survive After a Mass Casualty Event, co-authored with Nancy Germond
  • What Do Power Outages, Wildfires, and Vaping Bans Have in Common? Claims Journal and reprinted in Carrier Management
  • Pet Shop Boys (Vet Liability) The Institutes CPCU Society, Insights, Winter 2019
  • The Stuff of Dreams or Nightmares? The Product Liability Claims Menace Lurking in the Marijuana Marketplace CLM Publication, November 2019

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