Trickle Creek Group, LLC

Trickle Creek Group, LLC

Patrick Stonich BSN, BS, RN, CLNC

6474 Trickle Creek Road Bath, PA 18014

About the Expert

I am an experienced, knowledgeable Nurse Consultant with diverse skills obtained in hospital settings as well as community health centers. My expertise includes home care, hospice, nursing homes, and long-term care sites, with clinical experience in wound care, ostomy care, and critical care. I am also skilled in government survey, including Medicare, state survey, and accreditation standards. I'm recognized as an insightful leader with the ability to understand the larger health care picture while supporting organizational objectives.

Areas of Expertise

  • Expert Witness Bureaus
  • Legal Nurse Consultants / LNC

Personal Achievements


  • Thomas Jefferson University


  • Registered Nurse (State of PA)



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