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Our professionals deliver financial opinions and have delivered these opinions on a variety of transactions domestically and internationally including, but not limited to: Going Private Transactions Spin Offs of Business Units Intra-Fund Transactions Breach of Contract Patent portfolio transactions and infringements Conversion of creditor claims into a controlling interest in a company Allocation of equity and other consideration among multiple classes of security holders Consideration received or paid in conjunction with the sale or purchase of a business Tax Compliance Lost Company Profits Mergers & Acquisitions Employee Disputes Monetization of Intangible Assets Benefit Programs Risk Assessment: Retirement Benefit and Liabilities Calculation Disputes: Actuarial Assumptions and Methods Analysis and Validation

Areas of Expertise

Antitrust Economics Damages
Breach Of Contract Damages
Coal - Energy - Mining
Corporate Governance
Economic Damages
Employee Benefits Litigation
Executive Compensation Disputes
Financial Matters
Forensic Accounting
Intangible Assets Analyses
Intellectual Property
Lender Liability
Mergers & Acquisitions
Patents & Trademarks
Real Estate Disputes
Securities Fraud
Theft Of Trade Secrets Fraud
Valuation Analyses
Wrongful Termination

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Sourcing Expert Witnesses for Your Trial from Around the Globe.

Expert Witness Consulting Services, LLC (“EWCS” or the “Company”) focuses on Expert Consulting and Expert Litigation Support, especially in Finance, Healthcare and Intellectual Property. We have assembled a world-class team of Experts, both internal and as affiliates, who can meet your needs for Expert Consulting or an Expert Witness to support your Litigation or Arbitration.

We have experts in every region of the country and they are available to you and your client. You may review these Experts on our website:
• With its incremental, litigation-experienced human resources and national recognition within the legal community, EWCS significantly enhances the positioning and “throw weight” of affiliated expert witness firms.
• As a selective and vastly experienced firm, EWCS provides unique, high touch services to foster and maintain beneficial relationships and deal flow – starting with finding the right expert for our participating law firms.

• Valuation & Damages
• Insolvency
• Due Diligence
• M&A Practices
• Financing Practices
• Finance Theory
• Fairness Issues
• Intellectual Property
• Accounting & Sec Fraud
• Fiduciary Duty
• Antitrust
• Forensic Accounting
• Healthcare / Medical
• Employee Benefits
• Hotel Management
• Investments

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