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Patrick Regan

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I am certified by the American Board of Surgery. I graduated residency from the world renowned Cleveland Clinic Foundation in 1995. While at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation I distinguished myself by receiving the Steward Fellowship, the highest honor given by the Cleveland Clinic Foundation to a member of its medical staff . Since then I have been actively involved in the fields of General Surgery, Trauma Surgery, Pediatric Surgery and Acute Care Surgery ( Emergency General Surgery). I have served in almost every Medical Staff leadership position including, but not limited to, Chair/member of Peer Review, Acting Chief of Surgery, Vice Chief of Surgery, Medical Executive Committee, Chair/member of Quality Control Committee. I am an Adjunct Professor of Surgery at two universities. I conduct Root Cause Analysis. I do peer review on hundreds of providers/month for locum tenens companies.

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  • General Surgery
  • Medical Malpractice

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