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Catherine Witt

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Traffic Safety Consultants, LLC provides litigation consulting and expert witness services for legal cases involving fatalities catastrophic injuries, personal injuries and workplace safety. We have expertise in Work zone safety and OSHA regulations for roadway construction utilities special events emergency response and maintenance.

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  • Construction Claims
  • Traffic Engineering

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I am a Temporary Traffic Control Specialist and have been in the industry for 30+ years. With my Associates we have a combined experience of over 100+ years in Traffic Control.

While working for the City of Overland Park, KS as a Traffic Control Technician in the Traffic Engineering Division, some of my duties included Plan Review of the plans submitted for work in the city limits, Right of Way Permit review for necessary temporary traffic control plans, Redesign of the City handbook specific to temporary traffic control including the municipal codes which pertained to them, Design of Temporary Traffic Control Patterns for in house designs, design of Special Event plans for all events including marathons, festivals, parades and any impediment of traffic in the city limits.

One of the duties I was asked to perform was in house training of maintenance personnel, parks and recreation personnel, inspectors and any other personnel who were subject to live traffic while performing their duties.

I taught through American Traffic Safety Services Association better known by the acronym of ATSSA. I taught through the ATSSA for 17 years and have trained over 20,000 people to date.

Some of the courses I taught for ATSSA are; The Traffic Control Technician, Traffic Control Supervisor, Flagger Instructor train the trainer, Pavement Marking Technician, Effective use of Law Enforcement in Construction, Emergency Traffic Control for first responders, Night time Traffic Control, etc.

Some of the state specific courses I taught are for the states of CA, FL, TX and VA along with many others. These state specific courses are taught based on the various States Standard drawings, State Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge, state specific Approved Products or Qualified Products list and various other documents which the state references for design, inspection and implementation.

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