Delta Economic Advisors

Delta Economic Advisors

David Gouiran

14 Bradley Avenue 2nd Floor Staten Island, NY 10314

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Delta Economic Advisors provides calculation of losses damages reports and expert testimony in personal injury wrongful death employment and commercial matters.

Areas of Expertise

  • Economic Damages
  • Forensic Economics
  • Lost Profits

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Delta Economic Advisors

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We are forensic economists-that is, LEGAL DAMAGES EXPERTS. We are hired by, and consult with attorneys about their cases in litigation, and who may be deposed and testify in court about our determinations. We calculate and develop reasoned and reasonable opinions about economic losses, that is, legal damages, including such items as:
• Loss of earnings;
• Loss of job-related fringe benefits and Pensions;
• Loss of financial support;
• Loss of household services (for example, childcare, housework, etc.); and
• Determining present values for Life Care Plans for persons who have been severely injured.

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