Steven Murow

1151 Duryea Irvine, CA 92614

About the Expert

Mr. Murow has been a professional in the general engineering contracting industry for nearly forty years. During that time he has served as a principal in two leading contracting firms; consultant to major land developers; specifier and bid administrator; senior project manager and as an expert witness. He has expertise in public and private engineering and building contracting, creating land development pro formas, claims mitigation, scheduling and cost estimating.

Areas of Expertise

Building Envelope Defects Analysis
Construction Claims
Construction Management
Construction Safety Accidents
Contract Disputes
Cost Estimating
Dirt (Removal)
Earthwork & Mass Grading
Land Development & Building Issues
Landslide Causation & Repair Costs
Project Management
Shoring Failure Causation
Underground Construction

Expert's Profile

Mr. Murow began his professional career in 1978 as a quantity takeoff estimator for Southern California’s premier grading contractor – Sukut Construction, Inc. After attending the University of Illinois and Cal State Long Beach, studying Civil Engineering; Mr. Murow utilized his knowledge of soils mechanics, hydraulics and general business courses and teamed up with former employees of Sukut in 1981. Their goal was to create a new, diversified general engineering contracting firm; Gillespie Construction and a construction management firm, CME Corporation. As a principal in both companies, Mr. Murow was responsible for estimating and bidding of public works projects, project management and dispatching of field personnel and equipment.

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