California Association Of Tactical Trainers

Benedict Tisa

2269 Chestnut Street #161 San Francisco, CA 94123

About the Expert

Federal Bureau of Investigation Agent-Retired. 24 years of experience involving investigations, law enforcement training, special operations tactics, undercover and security assignments. Expert Witness with 25 years of consultation, deposition and court room testimony experience with police litigation cases involving use of force, officer involved shootings, firearms, threat assessment, arrest and control procedures, security/vulnerability assessments, SWAT and sniper team operations, defensive tactics, tactical operations command, patrol and plain clothes officer tactics, bullet trajectory ballistics, undercover operations, law enforcement training, warrant service, less lethal and impact munitions, distraction devices, breaching tactics and equipment, critical incident command and control, force management accountability, active shooter response procedures.

Areas of Expertise

  • Firearms and Ballistics
  • Police Practices and Activities

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