Francois Sestier, MD, PhD, FRCPc, FACC, CIME

Francois Sestier, MD, PhD, FRCPc, FACC, CIME

Francois Sestier

258 Chemin De Senneville Senneville, QC H9X 3X4

About the Expert

Life expectancy calculation with an actuarial methodology. Work life exoectation calculation

Areas of Expertise

  • Cardiology
  • Life Expectancy

Expert's Profile

Dr. François SESTIER graduated from medical school in Nancy, France, 1967, where he obtained certification in cardiology, pneumology, occupational medicine and aeronautical medicine. In Canada, since 1973, he obtained a Quebec certification in cardiology (CSPQ), and a fellowship in cardiology of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons (FRCPC); he also obtained a PhD in Experimental Medicine (McGill, 1977). He is staff cardiologist at CHUM, Hôtel-Dieu, Montreal, medical director ofQuebec Blue Cross since 1985 and medical director and vice-president of OptimumRe since 2002. He obtained his American Board of Insurance Medicine (1995), and his American Board of Independent Medical Examiner (2011). Dr. Sestier is a past president of CLIMOA (1996-1997), the Canadian Life and health Medical Officer Association, past-president of CSME (2011-2013), the Canadian Society of Medical Evaluators, past president (2010-2012) of AIDC, the world association of medical experts); he is Professor of Medicine at University of Montreal, and the director of the bilingual program of Insurance and Medicolegal Expertise at University of Montreal (January 1999-April 2018l).

As a medical expert, Dr. Sestier has been hired as an expert across Canada and in the United States. He has been an expert in the domain of disability insurance, life insurance, critical illness insurance and travel insurance. He is also an expert for life expectancy and work life expectancy calculation. He has been hired as an expert by RRQ, CSST, SAAQ, insurance companies, but also as an expert hired on the plaintiff side against these companies. He testified several times at CLP, TAQ, and superior courts in Quebec and Ontario. He has been involved in more than 20 years in many medical liability lawsuits, hired by both plaintiff and defense lawyers.

Personal Achievements


  • MD, Nancy, France PhD, McGill University, Montreal, , Canada FRCPc, cardiology FACC
  • Founder et 1999-2018 director of the University of Montreal curriculum in Insurance medicine and medico-legal expertise


  • Province of Quebec. 174536

Special Training

  • Certified Independent medical evaluator (CIME) American board of Insurance medicine


  • 2006-2013 President, New members committee, SEEMLQ 2010-2012 President, International Association of bodily damage (AIDC) 2011-2013 President, Canadian Society of Medical Evaluators(CSME) 2014-present Fellow of the Indian Association of medico-legal experts. 2017-2018 President of CLIMOA (Canadian Life Medical Officers Association)


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