Castell Consulting

Castell Consulting

Dr. Stephen Castell

San Diego, CA 91945

About the Expert

Dr Stephen Castell CITP, Medallist, IT CONSULTANT OF THE YEAR (BCS Professional Awards), is an internationally acknowledged independent ICT expert, management consultant and project manager, with extensive experience in risk assessment, quality assurance, and insurance and dispute resolution considerations, in regard to complex and large-scale ICT systems, technology, investment, contracts, implementation projects and operations. As a globally renowned Expert Witness in ICT disputes he has been involved in a wide range of systems & network development/installation, IP (e.g. patents, copyright, trade secrets), and data forensics litigation. These cases have included recent high-profile US patent disputes in regard to mobile phone technology, and the largest and longest ICT systems contract actions to be tried in the English High Court.

Areas of Expertise

  • Computer Evidence Discovery
  • Patents & Trademarks

Expert's Profile

Widely published, and a Correspondent of the Computer Law and Security Report, his seminal paper Forensic Systems Analysis: A Methodology for Assessment and Avoidance of IT Disasters and Disputes was issued as a Cutter Consortium Executive Report, Enterprise Risk Management & Governance Advisory Service series (Vol. 3, No. 2, March 8, 2006).
Dr Castell has also established a reputation in the building of multimillion pound businesses in voice and data communications, and in broadcasting, information, media and software services, having acted as Business Development Consultant for and on behalf of both the BBC and BT. In the early 1980s he was a pioneer of the Over The Counter Market in the UK, responsible for assessing several hundred high-tech and telecommunications companies in a 5-year period, in preparing their flotation prospectuses, and serving as Non-Executive Director. In 1982, he was founder Technical Director of the venture capital funded International Communications Technology Holdings SA, based in Luxembourg and listed in London, and was Chairman of its UK subsidiary Telephone Broadcasting Systems plc.

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