Litinomics Inc.

Gregory Pinsonneault

200 Pringle Ave Suite 325 Walnut Creek, CA 94566

About the Expert

Mr. Pinsonneault has 15+ years of experience providing consulting and expert testimony for economic financial and business issues in commercial litigation primarily related to economic damages. He has consulted in intellectual property disputes, including patent, trade secret, trademark, etc., class certification and damages, and many other issues.

Areas of Expertise

  • Economic Damages
  • Lost Profits

Expert's Profile

Mr. Pinsonneault has more than fifteen years of experience providing consulting services and expert testimony for economic, financial, and business issues related to commercial litigation, primarily in the calculation of economic damages. He has consulted in a variety of complex litigation matters including intellectual property disputes, breach of contract, predatory pricing and buying, and antitrust monopolization.

Mr. Pinsonneault has been designated as an expert witness or non-litigation project lead in more than 70 matters, including cases involving intellectual property disputes (patent infringement, misappropriation of trade secrets, copyright infringement and trademark infringement), consulting on reasonable license terms (non-litigation), breach of contract disputes, class certification and damages issues, and other issues. He has provided sworn expert testimony on fourteen occasions (seven times at deposition, three times at arbitration, once at trial in state court, and three times at trial in U.S. District Court).

Mr. Pinsonneault is a Certified Licensing Professional.

Personal Achievements


  • M.A. in Economics, University of California, Berkeley; B.S. in Computer Science, University of Washington; and B.A. in Economics and Mathematics, University of Washington


  • Certified Licensing Professional

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