Consultant - Title Insurance  Real Estate

Consultant - Title Insurance Real Estate

Douglas Borchert

2139 Rock Pass Place Martinez, CA 94553

About the Expert

An accomplished California Real Property & Title Attorney of 30+ years with wide & thorough knowledge on all aspects of real estate & title laws involving mortgage loans, escrows, bankruptcies, creditors rights, & mechanics liens. Mr. Borchert's particular skill is working with attorneys to present matters in a way that is both comprehensive and understandable to the judge or jury. He also has a network of colleagues in the title insurance industry who can assist him in acquiring additional title information and maps

Areas of Expertise

  • Escrow
  • Title Insurance Claims

Personal Achievements


  • B.A. UC Davis History J.D. Southern California Institute of Law


  • Member California Bar

Special Training

  • Lorman Educational Services Instructor


  • California Land Title Association Forms and Practices and Education Committees


  • Fidelity National Financial Attorney of the Year 1997


  • California Real Property Journal Vol 35 No. 3/4 2017 Scher v. Burke, the Doctrine of Implied Dedication to a Public Use.

Military service

  • U.S. Army Vietnam, Bronze Star, Combat Infantryman's Badge

Prior assignments

  • Trial Testimony in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Monterrey Superior Courts

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