Spencer Patton

Spencer Patton

2935 Berry Hill Drive Nashville, TN 37204

About the Expert

I have actual FedEx contracting experience in Home Delivery Ground and Linehaul. I have experience in various terminals across the United States. I have experience managing a fleet of over trucks and a staff of over drivers. I have successfully negotiated many lucrative contracts with FedEx Ground.

Areas of Expertise

  • Business Valuations
  • Transportation

Expert's Profile

I am an experienced expert witness that can provide a credible analysis and detailed valuation of any operation. I can provide a range of customized services specializing in:

• Custom reports detailing fair valuation metrics
• Analytical commentary on various misconceptions/risks
• Expert opinions on buying, selling, and evaluating operations
• Compelling testimony on all pertinent industry subject matter

During my time working as a FedEx contractor, I have gained a lot of knowledge I am so confident in my experience that I have accumulated during my time within the FedEx industry that I am able to provide business valuations with certainty knowing that the information I am providing is beneficial and valuable. I have created numerous reports that analyze various components of FedEx operations to provide a basis for valuation and optimization. I can provide a range of insightful information in:

• Financial statement analysis
• Fleet valuation
• Projected capex recommendations
• Settlement statement analysis
• Daily routine data analysis
• Overlap risk assessment
• Post ISP projections

I have experience consulting with hundreds of clients for business valuations and educating both beginners and experienced contractors about the key components to successfully operating and evaluating a FedEx business. With my expertise, I am able to guide someone through:

• IC vs. ISP business models
• Overlap requirements
• Understanding contract terms
• Optimizing operations
• Fleet management
• Business valuation
• Terminal relationship management
• Driver recruitment/training

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