PBressler, FIDSA, LLC

PBressler, FIDSA, LLC

Peter Bressler

901 North Penn St., Unit P603 Philadelphia, PA 19123

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  • Ergonomics
  • Industrial Design

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Adjunct Associate Professor, University of Pennsylvania
Owner, Pbressler,LLC
Founder, Bresslergroup, Inc.
Fellow Member of the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA)

Peter Bressler founded and for over 40 years led Bresslergroup, a product design and development firm that is internationally recognized for award winning, innovative design solutions for a broad client list including Black & Decker, Polk Audio, Becton Dickinson, Motorola, Wilkinson Sword and Siemens Corporation. Bressler’s ownership interest in Bresslergroup was sold in 2012.

Mr. Bressler has personally authored or co-authored over 75 design and utility patents and received over 50 National and International Design Awards. He has served on juries for multiple design awards programs and has been an invited presenter at events in Europe and Asia as well the United States. An active member and past President of the Industrial Designers Society of America, he has been awarded Fellowship in the society and recently received the IDSA Personal Recognition Award, one of the organization’s highest honors. For the past 10 years Bressler has, on occasion, provided expert witness support in design patent, utility patent, trade dress and products liability cases. As an Adjunct Associate Professor since 2006, Bressler has helped to develop the Integrated Product Design Program at the University of Pennsylvania.

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