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Brian Brewer

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About the Expert

Mr. Brewer has 26 years of law enforcement experience through the rank of Assistant Chief with the California Highway Patrol. His subject matter expertise is in police practices use of force and shooting incidents pursuits criminal civil and administrative investigations traffic enforcement and traffic management.

Areas of Expertise

  • Deadly or Excessive Force
  • Police Practices and Activities

Expert's Profile

I have 26 years of law enforcement experience through the rank of Assistant Chief with the California Highway Patrol (“CHP”). My curriculum vitae is attached and provides further context to my extensive background in law enforcement. 

I graduated from CHP’s Basic Academy Training Course in 1985.

From 1985 to 1992 as a CHP Officer my duties included conducting traffic accident investigations, driving under the influence investigations, writing incident and arrest reports, effecting arrests, issuing citations for law violations, assisting allied agencies during investigations to other law enforcement related incidents, assisting allied agencies respond to medical crises and 911 calls, performing undercover operations and providing courtroom testimony.

I became a Field Training Officer with CHP in 1989.

I completed First Line Supervisors’ Course with CHP in 1992. During that year, I also completed specialty training in Commercial Vehicle Inspections and heavy truck enforcement.

I was promoted from CHP Officer to Sergeant in 1992. From 1992 to 1996, while 
stationed at CHP’s Inland Division Headquarters Office, I supervised on-highway commercial vehicle enforcement and auto theft personnel. I was the Division Shooting Team Leader responsible for conducting all officer- involved shootings/Use of Force investigations and reporting.

I was a Certified Emergency Medical Technician. Between 1992 and 1996, I was an Emergency Medical Technician Associate Academy Instructor responsible for teaching Cadets patient evaluation, treatment, and mechanism of injury identification.

I was promoted to Lieutenant in 1996, and from 1996 to 2000, I was stationed as Commander of the Morongo Basin Area and Sonora CHP Area Office. In that position I commanded all uniform and civilian staff and was responsible for police services and traffic management, reviewed and evaluated all investigative and arrest reports, citizen complaints, and pursuit reports and acted as Central Division Shooting Team Manager.

From 2000 to 2003 I was Commander of CHP’s Newhall Area Office. In this role I commanded an office of 100 uniform and civilian staff and was responsible for police services and traffic management in the unincorporated area of Northern Los Angeles County. 

During this time period and continuing forward I was the Investigative Coordinator of CHP’s Bureau of Internal Affairs in which I acted as liaison to California law enforcement agencies for internal criminal investigations and disciplinary matters. I conducted and managed criminal and civil investigations of CHP and other state law enforcement personnel and presented case findings to the Commissioner of the CHP.

From 2003 to 2011, I was Assistant Chief of CHP’s Central Division and Valley Division. In this role I was responsible for direct oversight of 1,100 uniformed and civilian staff assigned to specialty programs and field offices, including Auto Theft and Drug Task Force Teams, Critical Incident Response Team, Multi-Disciplinary Accident Investigations Team (MAIT), Emergency Communications Centers, Air Operations, Commercial Enforcement and Salvage Vehicle Inspection Units. I was responsible for direct management of all, what we call “Critical Incidents” (including officer-involved shootings, uses of force, patrol vehicle collisions resulting in major injury or death); my other duties included determining appropriate initiation of criminal and administrative investigations, maintaining investigative oversight to ensure compliance with policy and 
law, providing guidance and consultation to minimize risk and potential litigation to the department; examining and evaluating reports for employee misconduct and imposing discipline, approving criminal complaints with the District Attorneys if necessary and appropriate, and managing the Division’s multi-million dollar operating budget
While an Assistant Chief I was charged with operating the Sacramento Emergency Communications Center. I was responsible for administrative and operational oversight and compliance with State directives and established call-times for over 58,000 Emergency 911-calls for service each month. I’m proud to have overseen implementation of a new radio system and was in charge of training First Responders and support teams on the new system.

I was also tasked with commanding the CHP Workers’ Compensation Fraud Bureau for which I created and led the CHP’s WCFB Investigative Task Force. In this role I developed CHP standard operating procedures for training, reporting and investigating fraud for the Office of the Governor. 

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