Ruslan Magidov

Ruslan Magidov

Magidov CPA Firm, An Accountancy Corporation

1080 S LA CIENEGA BLVD SUITE 205 Los Angeles, CA 90035

About the Expert

Financial executive with over 15 years of experience in private and mostly public accounting providing tax, accounting, certified financial statement audits, and business management services to high net worth individuals and their privately held businesses ranging from start-ups to already established, and not-for-profit organizations. Extensive experience in financial statement audits and tax enabled him to develop expertise in family law matters. His family law expertise includes cash flow analysis, marital standard of living analysis, business valuations, tracing of separate property assets, and child and spousal support calculations using the DissoMaster. In addition, he has been involved in insurance cases involving loss of earnings and other damage analysis. He loves to play sports, outdoor activities and spending time with his family.

Areas of Expertise

  • Accounting
  • Business Valuations

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