Fred R. Moss, MD

Fred R. Moss, MD

PO Box 22 Ohio, IL 61349

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Board Certified actively practicing psychiatrist. Northwestern Educated. Vast experience in disability and file review. Special interest in telepsychiatry. 25+ years of diverse clinical experience including telepsychiatry, locum tenens, private practice (treated over 20,000 outpatients and admitted over 10,000 patients to hospitals), correctional healthcare (Folsom and Pelican Bay State Prisons) and nursing homes. Has served as a psychiatric consultant to over 40 nursing homes. Experienced expert witness case reviewer. Experienced Independent Medical Examiner. President and (online telepsychiatry training for psychiatrists). Licensed in the state of California.

Areas of Expertise

  • Correctional Healthcare
  • Psychiatry

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Specialties & Experience

General Specialties: Psychiatry and Correctional Healthcare

Nursing Homes, Geriatric Psychiatry, Will contests, competency, deliberate indifference, Prisons, Jails, Addiction, Violence, Tardive dyskinesia, Suicide, telepsychiatry, Overdose, Involuntary hospitalization, Lithium toxicity, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, Wrongful death, Nicotine addiction, Narcotic addiction, post-traumatic stress, workers’ compensation

Education: MD, Northwestern University; Residency, Psychiatry, University of Cincinnati; Fellowship, Child/Adolescent, University of Cincinnati

Years in Practice: 25+

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