Amy Heinz, Mortgage Fraud Expert

Amy Heinz, Mortgage Fraud Expert

Amy Heinz

408 W. Seminary Ave Wheaton, IL 60187

About the Expert

Mortgage risk management expert with record of directing Mortgage Fraud, Quality Control and Operational Risk organizations for both GSEs and large & small financial institutions. As Director, External Operational Risk Management, directed nationwide teams in Freddie Mac's on-site risk and control reviews of all aspects of lenders’ operations: loan application through REO disposition. As Director, Quality Control, oversaw post-closing loan quality assessments for Freddie Mac's largest Seller/Servicers. Recommended customer terms of business/remedial action plans. Served as the Mortgage Bankers Association's Vice Chair of the Quality Assurance Executive Committee. Frequent speaker, and author of numerous publications and training sessions.

Areas of Expertise

  • Fraud
  • Mortgages

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