Amy Heinz

Amy Heinz

Amy Heinz

408 W. Seminary Ave Wheaton, IL 60187

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Mortgage fraud expert with experience in Mortgage Fraud operations for both GSEs (FNMA & FHLMC), and for large & small financial institutions. Directed Fannie Mae's Mortgage Fraud Program, including investigations, reporting, mitigation and resolution. Maintained relationships with industry partners including law enforcement, FHFA & Treasury/FinCEN. Managed fraud training & publications. Served 3 terms as Chairperson of the Mortgage Bankers Association's Fraud & Ethics Subcommittee.

Areas of Expertise

  • Fraud
  • Mortgages

Expert's Profile

Seasoned mortgage professional with expert knowledge in the area of mortgage underwriting / quality control / mortgage fraud.
Certified Fraud Examiner, currently accepting expert witness engagements. Experience with plaintiff's cases and depositions.

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