Psycholegal Assessments Inc.

Psycholegal Assessments Inc.

Steven Gaskell, Psy.D.

3355 Lenox Road Suite 750 Atlanta, GA 30326

About the Expert

Psycholegal Assessments Inc. provides expert forensic psychological evaluations and expert witness testimony in a variety of specialty areas including competency to stand trial, criminal responsibility, malingering, sex offender evaluations, child pornography evaluations and IMEs. Dr. Steven Gaskell has over 18 years experience as a forensic psychologist, has completed over 2000 psychological evaluations for the courts, and has provided expert testimony on over 130 occasions.

Areas of Expertise

  • Psychology
  • Sexual Offenses

Expert's Profile

Forensic Psychologist, Dr. Steven Gaskell provides comprehensive, objective, thorough and credible psychological evaluations for state and federal courts. He has extensive expertise and is an expert witness in forensic psychology. Dr. Gaskell is credentialed by the National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology and he is license eligible in all 50 states. Dr. Gaskell is currently a licensed psychologist in Illinois, Georgia, and Kansas.

Practice areas include:
Competency to Stand Trial
Criminal Responsibility or Sanity at the Time of the Offense
Sex Offender Evaluations
Sexually Violent Person Evaluations
Sexually Dangerous Person Evaluations
Child Pornography Evaluations
Adam Walsh Act – Immigration
Mitigating Factors Assessment
Miranda Rights Issues (voluntariness, competency to confess, interrogative suggestibility)
Malingering and Deception Evaluation

Second Office Location:
Psycholegal Assessments, Inc.
2135 City Gate Lane, Suite 300
Naperville, IL 60563

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