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Gregory Gilbertson

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About the Expert

Professor Gregory Gilbertson provides attorneys with expert witness analysis and opinions on topics including excessive force, false arrest, police misconduct, self-defense, and police practices and procedures. He has been found competent to testify in US District Court. He has consulted with lawyers and law firms on nearly 60 cases in 14 states. A complete listing of his casework can be found at

Areas of Expertise

  • Deadly or Excessive Force
  • Investigators and Investigations
  • Police Practices and Activities

Expert's Profile

Gregory Gilbertson is a tenured criminal justice professor and expert witness in police practices, excessive force, false arrest, self-defense, and police misconduct casework. He has 20 years of full-time college and university teaching experience. In just four (4) years he has consulted on nearly 60 cases with law firms and attorneys in 14 states. He has been found competent to testify as an expert witness in US District Court. He has also served as a full-time police officer for eight years, school district security officer for three years, international police trainer for two years, a Guardian ad Litem for two years, and as a licensed private investigator for 15 years specializing in criminal defense casework.

As an international police trainer, Greg served for two years in active war zones in both Afghanistan and Iraq. In Kabul Greg was initially assigned as a police policy and doctrine specialist. Upon completion of this assignment, he was reassigned as a Senior Mentor and NATO Liaison to the Commander of the Afghan National Police Academy. In this role he assisted the Commander in all aspects of academy operations. He also worked with NATO command and staff officers in securing 50 million dollars for academy renovation and improvement projects.

In Iraq Greg led a team of specialists writing curriculum for the Baghdad Police College. He was then assigned as Deputy Director of the United Kingdom's Basrah Training Academy for Iraqi police cadets. In these roles in Afghanistan and Iraq Greg was designated a Subject Matter Expert in police practices by the US Department of Defense and US Department of Justice.

As an Atlanta and La Grange (GA) police officer, Greg served on a SWAT Team for nearly five (5) years, as a superior court investigator, school resource officer, senior patrolman, and police patrolman. Duty-related injuries and two major surgeries ended his law enforcement career. He holds a Master's degree in Justice Administration from Columbus State University and a Bachelor's degree in History from the University of Washington.

Greg Gilbertson served in the US Army as both a commissioned and non-commissioned officer of infantry soldiers. He is a Distinguished Military Graduate of the US Army Officer Candidate School.

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