Alerding CPA Group

Alerding CPA Group

Michael P. Alerding, CPA

4181 East 96th Street, Suite 180 Indianapolis, IN 46240

About the Expert

A 45 year CPA with over 25 years litigation support experience. Specialties include Lost profits Lost wages and Lost Value. Also very experienced in Accountants Malpractice matters representing both Plaintiffs and Defendants. Have worked with and against national regional and local CPA firms and law firms on these matters. Will travel.

Areas of Expertise

  • Accounting
  • Economic Damages

Expert's Profile

Accounting malpractice claims represent a sizable element of my practice, including representation of both Plaintiff and Defendant. I am particularly effective in malpractice cases involving audits and other compliance work on closely-held businesses, but also have over 25 years of experience in SEC audits. Fraud engagements include both for profit and not-for-profit entities in matters ranging from theft to fraudulent financial reporting. Lost profits and loss of value also represent a sizable element of my practice, including calculations of damages, consultation with counsel regarding strategies for proving damages, expert witness testimony and assistance with opposing expert deposition preparation. I am an excellent expert witness and have been given very high marks by counsel in the past. The vast majority of my cases have settled prior to either deposition testimony or trial. Accordingly, my testimony experience may appear to be sparse relative to the number of cases in which I have worked. I am available to travel to any location and in my role as Senior Partner with the firm, I have the flexibility to be responsive. Our firm has a staff of approximately 35 full time professionals in a wide variety of disciplines. On most engagements I am able to leverage my time with other, less expensive staff who assist in research, forensic evaluation, damages calculation, review of documentation and other tasks that do not require my attention. I have never had a Daubert challenge in any of the matters in which I have been engaged.

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