Moore Consulting, LLC - A Legal Nurse Consulting Firm

Moore Consulting, LLC - A Legal Nurse Consulting Firm

Tamara Moore, RN, CLNC

PO Box 116 La Salle, MI 48145

About the Expert

Tamara Moore is an experienced legal nurse consultant - working with plaintiff and defense attorneys. Medical record review record organization location of experts literature research and the creation of timelines/chronologies are but a few of the many services offered. Your time is important - rush cases accepted at no additional charge.

Areas of Expertise

Critical Care
Emergency Medicine / Trauma
Geriatrics / Nursing Homes
Internal Medicine
Legal Nurse Consultants / LNC
Medical Case Review
Medical Case Review - Prison / Jail
Medical Devices
Medical Literature Research
Medical Malpractice
Obstetrics / Gynecology
Personal Injury Consultants
Products Liability
Slips and Falls
Standard of Care

Expert's Profile

With a critical care background, I now assist attorneys with the medical issues of their cases. I objectively review the medical and nursing issues and honestly discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your case. This gives you, my client, the advantage of having both a plaintiff and defense perspective.

Services are cost-effective and prompt with no additional charge for "rush cases".

Moore Consulting was founded in 2002. At the end of 2003, I left clinical practice to devote my time and energy assisting attorneys with the medical issues of their legal cases. As a full-time consultant, I am always available to answer questions or otherwise assist my clients. As my client, you do not wait long (if at all) for a response to either emails or telephone calls.

Located in Lower Michigan, services are available nationwide. Prompt attention is given to all calls and correspondence - generally on the same day.

Medical record review, location of experts, medical literature research and preparation of timelines are just a few of my many services.

I have worked on a variety of cases including, but not limited to, medical malpractice cases, nursing malpractice cases, wrongful death, products liability, medical device liability, nursing home litigation, correctional facility and personal injury cases.

As a full-time consultant I am easily accessible to assist with your cases.

Please call today (888-238-5502) or email me at and together we will pursue a successful outcome for your client!

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