Five Management, LLC

Five Management, LLC

Douglas E. Johnston, Jr.

100 Wilshire Boulevard Suite 700 Santa Monica, CA 90401

About the Expert

Doug Johnston is an expert witness in banking & finance, and an investigative business consultant. His experience includes having served as a CEO, President and/or EVP in leading Commercial Banking, Private Equity, Mergers and Acquisitions, and Real Estate companies. Trained at an AAA-rated major East Coast bank, he was honored early in his career as a bank President before establishing and managing five full-service bank offices in Texas and California. His service includes 19 years in commercial banking plus 7 years as EVP-Finance and Administration of the largest private company in Los Angeles where he arranged financing for over 40 acquisitions and managed over 100 banking relationships.

Areas of Expertise

  • Banking
  • Due Diligence
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Real Estate Commercial

Expert's Profile

Doug has over 30 years experience as a bank lender, corporate borrower, investor and manager, including due diligence, underwriting, and the closing of hundreds of technology, manufacturing, real estate, service, and media transactions totaling over $5 Billion. With 19 years of commercial banking experience in 3 states, he also expanded into mergers and acquisitions to establish the Corporate Finance Department of the largest private company in Los Angeles, where he conducted due diligence, negotiated, financed, and closed the acquisition of over 40 companies across the U.S. and Europe. These acquisitions have included transactions with IBM, ATT, Viacom, WorldCom, American Airlines, Lucent, Motorola, the Williams Companies, Alcatel, Hays Logistics, Dun and Bradstreet, and many others including niche products, proprietary technologies, thousands of employees and well over $5 Billion in Revenues.

He is a published author on numerous banking, finance and economics topics since 2008 in Law360, Legaltech News, Thomson Reuters and elsewhere. Doug has over 3 decades experience in Bank Lending & Operations, Credit Underwriting, Regulatory Compliance, Due Diligence, Private Equity, Leveraged Buyouts, ABL Loans, Purchase & Sale Agreements, and Guarantees. He is a past President of the Century City Rotary Club, and is a frequent speaker to Advance Placement High School Juniors across South Central Los Angeles under the Youth Business Alliance program.

Litigation Support. Mr. Johnston provides analytical insight in complex business litigation matters in Banking and Lending, Private Equity, Due Diligence, and Corporate Finance for counsel representing both Plaintiff and Defense. He has provided detailed forensic support in complex breach, misrepresentation, fraud and other actions under Business, Employment, and Family Law cases since 2010.

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