Garson M. Caruso, MD, MPH

Garson M. Caruso, MD, MPH

647 East Siddonsburg Road Mechanicsburg, PA 17055

About the Expert

I am a board certified occupational physician in private consulting practice with extensive clinical and administrative experience in emergency and occupational medicine, including industrial illness and injury care; medical direction; case review, analysis, and management; impairment determination and disability rating; litigation support; and workplace drug testing (Medical Review Officer functions).

Areas of Expertise

  • Disabilities Assessment
  • Medical Case Review
  • Occupational / Environmental Health

Expert's Profile

My primary professional interests are worker disability prevention and management, with a particular focus on the psychosocial aspects of occupational medicine and workers compensation, and prevention or minimization of unnecessary work disability. As an independent consultant, I provide medical advisory and director services; disability, impairment, and Workers Compensation case review, analysis, and management; medicolegal litigation analysis and support; and Medical Review Officer services.

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