Delta Economic Advisors

Delta Economic Advisors

David Gouiran MBA, JD

14 Bradley Avenue 2nd Floor Staten Island, NY 10314

About the Expert

Delta Economics offers high quality, comprehensible, prompt and reasonably priced calculation of economic losses for New Jersey and New York litigators. We deliver expert analysis and calculation of losses, reports and testimony in personal injury, wrongful death and employment litigation. We can also offer reports (and present value calculations) as to Life Care Plans, complex calculations of lost past and future earnings, benefits and pension, household services and companionship.

Areas of Expertise

  • Economic Consulting
  • Economic Damages
  • Forensic Economics
  • Lost Profits

Personal Achievements


  • Member: National Association of Forensic Economics
  • Member: Collegium of Pecuniary Damages Experts
  • Member: American Academy of Economic and Financial Experts

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Delta Economic Advisors is listed with ExpertPages in the following jurisdictions: Delaware, District Of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania