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Maximus Medical

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About the Expert

I am an experienced Gastroenterologist and Internist. I am double Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology with 25 years in practice.

Areas of Expertise

  • Gastroenterology
  • Internal Medicine

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Educational background:
Baylor College of Medicine, Houston TX,
Fellowship in Gastroenterology, Stanford University Medical Center, Palo Alto, CA

I am also a Diplomat of the American College of Forensic Investigators and a Certified
Medical Investigator, Level 5.

I am licensed in several states and am FCVS and Vetpro verified and approved.

In addition to conducting efficient and productive upper and lower GI endoscopic procedures, I have developed skills and a dedication to attending to multi-symptomatic, chronic and often intractable patients.

The long-term care and management of these patients, many who also present with psychiatric symptoms, is challenging and has required me to acquire special training and understanding of psychopharmacology.

I have acted as an expert in several cases over the years although, though not a full time witness.

Most of my legal cases are broken into distinct parts:
1. A preliminary analysis and written or verbal opinion as the merits of a case.
2. A detailed examination of medical records, literature search and production of a detailed report.
3. Depositions.
4. Trial testimony.
5. Continued consultation and support.
6. If required, an examination of the patient. My fees correspond to these segments and to the complexity of a case, the amount of records and research required etc.

My goal is to provide counsel with an opinion as to the strength of a case based on my considered medical judgment.

You will want to know as early as possible whether a case has merit. If it does, we can dive deeper into the details and preparation for deposition and beyond.

If it doesn't, I consider it to be my responsibility to inform you accordingly.

It is my pleasure to provide an initial complimentary telephonic consultation to better understand what's at play in any given case. We can then go on the clock based on the outcome of that initial discussion.

I will provide you with guidance as to the kinds of records required to make initial and deeper opinions and reports.

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