Audit Conduct, LLC

Audit Conduct, LLC

Catherine Allen

PO Box 1201 Rocky Point, NY 11778

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Catherine Allen, CPA helps CPAs firms comply with auditor independence and professional ethics rules and regulations in the accounting profession. She consults on complex matters, advises firms on related quality controls, develops and provides education and training, and serves as a litigation consultant and expert witness for matters involving CPA professional conduct and auditor independence. Her consulting clients have included law firms, big 4 accounting firms, large, regional and smaller CPA firms, professional associations, and government bodies. A recognized expert in her field, Ms. Allen was previously a Managing Director in the Independence/Risk Management Office of PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP and was senior staff to the AICPA Professional Ethics Executive Committee, where she was instrumental in developing standards and tools for the profession like the AICPA Plain English Guide to Independence and the Conceptual Framework for Independence.

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  • Accounting

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