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With 40+ years of experience in the field of bank operations and financial fraud management, 20+ years have been as a banker. During that time I was an Operations Manager in a number of retail branches, and then a Project (and often Business) Manager including projects on branch productivity, call center creation and management, international compliance, merger and acquisition integration, sub-escrow management, new business development and, finally, the creation of fraud detection and prevention management functions for a major national bank. In the following 20+ years, I continued in the area of financial fraud management, as a consultant, educator and vendor of bank fraud prevention solutions to the financial services industry. For the past 10+ years, my practice has included performing litigation consultation and expert witness testimony for both plaintiffs and defendants, banks and consumers.

Areas of Expertise

  • Banking
  • Fraud

Expert's Profile

I have worked on over 50 "standard of care" cases, including these types of issues:

New account openings
Check fraud (e.g., forgery, alterations, counterfeit)
Check verification
Check cashing
Counterfeit Cashiers Checks and wrongful dishonor
Authorized signatures
Attorney in Fact/Power of Attorney
Wrongful distribution from trust accounts
Safe deposit rental and entry
Deposit acceptance and processing (including ATMs)
Fraud detection
Wiring of funds
"Faithless" employee fraud
Bookkeeper fraud
Wrongful discharge of bank employees
Financial Elder abuse
Financial Consumer scams (e.g., email scams, counterfeit check, wire, affinity, inheritance)

I often provide up to 1 hour of free consultation to help plaintiffs (usually consumers) decide whether or not they want to go forward with litigation.

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