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The Augustus Group

Edwin Merrick

18445 HWY105 W. STE 102-269 Montgomery, TX 77356

About the Expert

Over 40 years experience in materials technology, mechanical integrity, and risk analysis. managed and conducted hundreds of failure analysis/incident investigations, fitness for service projects and risk/safety assessments. Experienced in hazard identification and probability/consequence analysis, particularly as it relates to crisis and asset integrity management for the petroleum and chemical industries (both upstream and downstream) and the power industry.

Areas of Expertise

  • Engineering Forensic Disciplines
  • Petroleum / Natural Gas / Petrochemicals

Expert's Profile

Mr. Merrick CMA’s MI Manual used to train over 300 CMA member companies in 1993. Most interesting project has got to have been management of the Oman to India Gas Pipeline Project Risk Analysis for Aptech Engineering in 1996. This pipeline was being laid two miles deep subsea, fascinating, four times deeper than anyone had gone at the time. Following that managed the first full RBI implementation recorded at a Refinery in the US; BHP in Hawaii, developed Aptech Engineering’s RBI Software following that and has been responsible for implementation of MI/RBI projects on every continent in the world, using virtually every RBI software package available.

Specialties: RBI Technology Development and Program Implementation, Mechanical Integrity Program Consulting and Optimization, Equipment Experience in Nuclear Power Plants, Chemical Plants Refineries, and Pipelines.

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