Perry Black, MD, CM

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Perry Black, MD, CM

245 North 15th St. Suite 7150 Philadelphia, PA 19102

About the Expert

Trained in Neurosurgery at The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Dr. Black is currently a Professor of Surgery (Neurosurgery), and practicing in Philadelphia, PA. He has special interest and expertise in disorders of the spine and spinal cord, head and spine trauma, brain tumors, cerebrovascular disorders, hydrocephalus, and chronic pain.

Areas of Expertise

  • Independent Medical Examiner
  • Neurosurgery

Expert's Profile

Dr. Black carries out Independent Medical Exams (IMEs), and provides Expert Testimony for Defense or Plaintiff. In the best interest of all parties, Dr. Black is committed to the legal and ethical principle of reviewing the medical records meticulously, and rendering an unbiased opinion, based on the evidence. His clearly outlined, carefully documented reports have been well received by attorneys. After evaluating the medical records, Dr. Black's practice is to telephone the referring attorney to discuss the case. If requested, Dr. Black prepares a detailed written opinion. He will be available for deposition or for testimony at time of trial.

Additional Areas of Expertise:

Spinal disorders (disc herniation, stenosis, spinal fusion, tumors, spinal-fluid leak)
Head and spine trauma
Brain tumors
Brain and spine surgery
Chronic pain
Vascular disorders of brain and spine
Infection of brain and spine

Second point of contact phone number: (215) 247-6824

Personal Achievements


  • Scarlet Key Society, McGill University.
  • Post-doctoral Fellow, National Institutes of Health, held in Department of Physiology, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, 1961-62.
  • Distinguished Service Award, Congress of Neurological Surgeons, 1977.
  • Volvo Award of World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies, 1985.
  • Fellow, College of Physicians of Philadelphia, (Elected 2007).

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