Michael Motley, Ph.D.

Michael Motley, Ph.D.

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Michael Motley, Professor Emeritus, University of California at Davis, provides expert opinion on the most likely or most reasonable interpretations to expect for a particular communication message (or set of messages). The message in question might be a warning label, a set of instructions, an advertisement, a contract, or any of several other possibilities.

Areas of Expertise

  • Labels, Warnings & Instructions
  • Products Liability

Expert's Profile

Evaluation of Communication Messages:
-- Clarity vs. ambiguity of instructions, contracts, waivers, etc.,
-- Adequacy vs. inadequacy of warnings,
-- Truthfulness vs. deception in advertising,
-- Likely interpretation of instructions, contracts, waivers, etc.
Male-Female Misunderstandings:
-- Dating behavior,
-- Resistance vs. consent to physical intimacy,
-- Date rape,
-- Sexual harrassment

-- Someone gets injured using a product, sues the maker or seller who claims that the accident wouldn't have happened had the customer heeded ther warning label or followed their instructions, and an opnion is needed on the clarity or adequacy of the warning or instructions.
-- One party claims that another's advertising is false or misleading, and an opinion is needed on the match or mismatch between the advertisement's claim and the characteristics of the product or service provided.
-- Claims differ regarding the interpretation of a contract, liability clause, waiver, or similar document, and an opinion is needed as to its "correct," or most likely, interpretation.
-- A party has a legal obligation to provide certain information to the public (as in a class action notice, for example), and an opnion is needed on the adequacy of that communication effort.
-- One party claims that another forced sexual intimacy and an opinion is needed as to whether consent to intimacy was communicated.

-- Ph.D. in Communication, Pennsylvania State University, 1970
-- Professor Emeritus, Communication, University of California at Davis
-- Oficially recognized as among the "Top 1% of Communication Scholars" of the 1970's, 1980's, and 1990's
-- Author of 5 books, scores of peer-reviewed research publications and over 100 peer-reviewed research papers
-- Eighteen professional excellence awards for articles and papers

43 cases -- 30 for Plaintiff, 13 for Defense / 12 Depositions / 1 Trial by Jury / 2 Bench Trials

A unique service that I can sometimes provide is to test my opinions empirically. An expert's opinion is, after all, only an opinion. As such, it is an hypothesis or prediction. Sometimes these opinions can be tested and scientifically "proven," just as researchers in communication, psychology, and other social sciences test their hypotheses. As an example, in one case where my opnion was that a warning was inadequate, we tested the original warning against several variations that I predicted would be more effective. The data showed that virtually nobody understood the original, while practically everybody understood all of the variations, and thus supported the opinion that the orginal was inadequate.


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