The Center For Spine &Sport Medicine

The Center For Spine &Sport Medicine

Sawey Harhash

1995 New York Ave. Huntington Station New York 11746

About the Expert

Dr. Sawey Harhash is a fellowship trained in both sports medicine and pain management. He specializes with No fault and Worker Compensation cases. He is also expert witnessing for cases involving chronic pain treatment, opioid and other drug abuse/addiction.

Areas of Expertise

  • Pain (Chronic) Management
  • Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Expert's Profile

Dr. Sawey Harhash has expertise in areas including:
Interventional Pain procedures,
Chronic Pain,
Medication Management,
Spinal Pain,
Neck injuries,
Back injuries,
Herniated discs,
Joint injuries,
Nerve injuries,
Soft tissue injuries,
Nerve blocks,
Radiofrequency ablation,
Platelet Plasma Procedure (PRP)
Fluoroscopic guidance of procedures,

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