Medical Reimbursement Specialists

Medical Reimbursement Specialists

Rhonda R Guitreau

10455 N CENTRAL EXPRESSWAY, SUITE 109 Dallas, TX 75231

About the Expert

Expertise in Medical Bill Review, Controverting Billing Affidavits, Forensic Bill Review, Medical Cost Analysis, Expert Witness Services for Deposition/ Trial, Usual,Customary,Reasonable (UCR) fee analyses, Geographic Specific Provider market comparisons, Medicare, Medicaid, Major Insurance comps.

Areas of Expertise

  • Medical Billing, Coding and Insurance

Expert's Profile

I am a medical billing expert consultant with more than 35 years’ experience in the healthcare profession with over 15 years consulting medical providers on complex reimbursement issues involving commercial, government, and private payers of insurance claims. I have extensive knowledge in physician and facility billing, medical fee negotiations and medical bill auditing. I provide professional services to medical providers negotiating reimbursement terms on submitted medical claims from personal injury cases, commercial insurance payers, employer sponsored health plans as well as private payer accounts. I analyze medical bills resulting from litigation to determine fair and reasonable charges (UCR) and reimbursement for medical services rendered.

Personal Achievements

Special Training

  • Completed SEAK Expert Witness Training

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