Edward P. Iannucci

Edward P. Iannucci

Nightclub, Bar, Restaurant, and Venue Security Expert (Court Qualified)

1111 Ivy Hill Rd Philadelphia PA 19150

About the Expert

For the past 23 years Mr. Iannucci has been involved in the training for bar and nightclub security personnel.He is an approved trainer for the Philadelphia Bouncer Law 9- 3700. Mr. Iannucci is an industry expert in the use of both excessive and proper use of force. Since 1999 he has trained over a thousand security personnel with regards to the preventable and foreseeable acts of bar patrons who can display violent, intoxicated argumentative, aggressive and disruptive conduct. Mr Iannucci is a standard of care expert for the hiring, training, supervision, and monitoring of bar/nightclub security personnel. Mr Iannucci is a well recognized bar and nightclub expert who trains in the standard of care to insure and prevent what is reasonably foreseeable. We have also expanded our expertise to Church security matters.

Areas of Expertise

  • Crowd Management - Security
  • Event & Venue Management
  • Security

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VIDEO: Nightclub Security Expert on Orlando Shooting at Pulse Nightclub.

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