David D. Gibbons Company

David D. Gibbons Company

David D. Gibbons

306 Granby Road Lake Forest, IL 60045

About the Expert

Expert testimony, litigation consulting and regulatory and risk advisory services provided by an accomplished financial services executive with unique perspectives as a former senior bank regulator (both policy and supervision), Chief Risk Officer, and banking consultant (shadow regulator). Demonstrated credit and enterprise risk Identification, evaluation, and management expertise. Expert knowledge of regulatory policies and practices and industry standards including heightened risk management standards, risk assessment, examination, and enforcement. Proven regulatory issue remediation and troubled bank remediation and resolution expertise. 40 years of experience with financial services organizations ranging from community, to regional, to systemically important. Banking, Bank Supervision, Regulation and Enforcement, Troubled Institutions, Regulatory Relations Credit and Credit Risk Management, Enterprise Risk Management, Bank Safety and Soundness and Compliance Risk Matters

Areas of Expertise

  • Banking
  • Credit Risk

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