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Morris Fire Investigation

John Morris

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Morris Fire Investigations is principally owned and operated by John Morris, a retired ATF Special Agent Certified Fire Investigator. John’s expertise includes over 730 fire and explosion scene examinations and multiple instances of expert testimony in federal and state courts. Morris Fire Investigations is based in the Phoenix, Arizona area. Prior to forming Morris Fire Investigations John was a Special Agent with ATF for over 26 years, serving more than half of that time as a fire and explosion investigator, and retiring as a Supervisory Certified Fire Investigator (CFI) in Phoenix, Arizona. During his ATF career John was an ATF CFI, ATF Certified Explosive Specialist (CES) as well as a member of ATF’s prestigious National Response Team. Among the hundreds of fire scenes investigated by John include many multi-million dollar losses, fires with multiple fatalities and serial arson cases. John was also the lead CFI on the USS Miami, a nuclear submarine fire, with a $1,000,000,000 dollar loss.

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  • Fire & Explosion Investigation

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Morris Fire Investigation has years of experience to properly investigate the origin and cause of fire and explosion scenes. We strictly adhere to the use of the scientific method and apply the principles outlined in NFPA 921 and NFPA 1033 to our fire scene examinations. Because of our experience and advanced level of training we are well versed in how fire develops and how fuels and ventilation effect the growth and development of a fire.


Morris Fire Investigation is well versed in all aspects of fire and explosion investigation. Whether it’s a small or large fire scene, residential or commercial loss, or at an explosion or post-blast scene; Morris Fire Investigation can provide our clients with the kind of expertise and testimony that comes from years of training and experience gained from working with the world's foremost experts in fire science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and fire chemistry.


Morris Fire Investigation brings a diverse career in Federal law enforcement where over the course of 26 years we perfected numerous complex cases involving large amounts of information, with the ability to process that information that was easily understood by a lay juror.
At Morris Fire Investigation we offer an independent, objective reviews of your case prior to litigation.

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