Agosti & Associates, Inc.

Agosti & Associates, Inc.

John Agosti

Chicagoland Area Chicago, IL 60606

About the Expert

State-certified Fire/Arson Investigator with over 30 years Fire Dept. experience and thousands of Fire Scene Investigations. Plaintiff/Defense and Criminal/Civil cases. Federal and State-qualified Expert Witness; Fire Cause/Origin; Building/Fire Codes. Fire Department Practices and Operations.

Areas of Expertise

  • Accident Reconstruction
  • Alarms
  • Fire & Explosion Investigation
  • Insurance - Property Casualty
  • Products Liability

Expert's Profile

For more than 20 years, Agosti & Associates has provided expert consultation services to attorneys and the insurance industry over a broad field of fire related areas. Our experts provide analysis and evaluation, consultation, expert testimony and strategy for pending civil and criminal litigation.

Civil Arson & Claim Denial, Criminal Arson & Aggravated Arson Defense: Agosti & Associates provides expert analysis, case review, consultation, strategy and expert testimony for pending litigation.

Smoke Detectors, Life Safety and Fire Code Analysis: Agosti & Associates provides service to attorneys involved in personal injury cases where smoke detectors or other building life safety systems are in question. We provide review and analysis of the subject property and provide information as to code compliance or non-compliance with current or past local or state codes.

Injuries or Fatalities to Civilians & Fire Department Personnel: Agosti & Associates provides expert analysis of records, communications, scene exam, interviews, and other information acquired to determine the fire department compliance to accepted principles and practices, operating procedures and guidelines. Analysis of Incident Command procedures, safety and accountability, and hazardous zone operations.

Fire & Explosion Investigation: Agosti & Associates provides quality fire origin and cause investigations, loss analysis and litigation testimony throughout the United States. Our experts are nationally and internationally certified Fire Investigators and have conducted thousands of investigations. Our experts will examine your fire loss and quickly identify your subrogation potential as well as your liability exposure.

Origin & Cause Investigation
* LP & Natural Gas Fire & Explosions
* Residential, Commercial, High Rise
* Auto, Truck & Heavy Equipment
* Mobile Home, RV's, & Marine
* Commercial Equipment


Associates Degree in Fire Science
Certified Fire Investigator (International Assn. of Arson Investigators)
Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator (National Assn. of Fire Investigators)
Certified Arson Investigator (State of Illinois)
Certified Fire Department Officer
Various Private Detective Licenses across the U.S.

Primary Area of Expertise:
Fires & Explosions

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